What we accomplish!


Are Training Sessions:​  Are offered once or twice weekly at different locations.  Training is offered to both male and female players grades 3-12.  Players are separated by grade level. who want to increase their basketball I.Q. and who desire to develop and refine their fundamental basketball skills.  

Our Mission:  Is to provide a results-driven skills program with the training focus on ball handling, proper shooting form,        free-throw shot, 3 point shot, jump shot, left hand and right hand layups, footwork, passing, spacing on the court, working to get open, post moves, recognizing game patterns, live situational work, offensive and defensive principals along with fundamental basketball concepts.  We are determined to assist players in acquiring the skills necessary to compete not only at the select level, but at junior high, high school, and college level as well.  We emphasize the proper execution of the fundamentals, the mind set and movements necessary to become a successful basketball player.  We use the most current progressive, innovative, and creative drills to enhance each player's


"You don't always win your battles, but it's good to know you fought."    -    Marjorie Holmes

"He who limps is still walking."    -    Stanislaw J. Lec

"Only the guy who isn't rowing has time to rock the boat."   -    Saunders

"Intelligence plus character - that is the true goal of education."    -    Martin Luther King Jr.

"The biggest mistake coaches make is taking borderline cases and trying to save them.  I'm not talking about grades, I'm talking about character.  I want to know before a boy enrolls about his home life, and what his parents want him to be."   Discover!  -    Paul "Bear" Bryant