Tiffany Jackson-Jones

There have not been many days over the last 20 years of my life that I have not been in a gym.  Watching a game, hearing a ball bounce or instructing a player on the fundamentals of basketball and more importantly life.  I have been truly blessed with having the opportunity of coaching and touching so many kids lives durng that time, many of these kids consider me to be like a second father.  More importantly is how many of those kids have touched my life and my families life.  So many of these young people grow up and reach out to me to let me know how much of an impact that I made on their lives then and even now as an adult.  All of my former players/skills students were apart of the process of shaping me into father, friend, coach and mentor that I have become.  Life is not always easy and is not always fair, but inside all of us we have the ability when knocked down to get back up and try again.  Tiffany Jackson-Jones is one of those kids that has done that.  It is not my place to post Tiff's life story all over the internet, I just want her to know how much I love her, how proud I am of her as a person, mother, daughter, wife and a child of God!  I also want her to know how much she has impacted me as a friend, father and coach.  My journy with her as a player has helped me when dealing with other very talented players.  Our strong relationship as friends off of the court has helped me be a better father and friend to my kids.  Life is so short and we all go through something!  Take time to reflect and thank those who have helped mode you into the person you are today.  WE LOVE YOU TIFF!  YOU ARE ALWAYS IN OUR PRAYS!


Coach Gene