1.               I will not smoke

2.               I will not use drugs or alcohol

3.               I will maintain a passing grade in each school course (“c” or better)

4.               I will attend every practice scheduled unless:

            a)     Injury or illness prevents movement:

            b)    Death in the immediate family:

            c)     I have given my coach prior notice:

            d)    Church functions: or

            e)     Approved school functions.

5.         I will follow all rules for practice and tournament sites

6.         I will treat all teammates, coaches, referees and fans with courtesy and respect

7.         I will keep track of and I am responsible for all uniforms and equipment

8          If I quit Team Ichiban Basketball Team for any reason, my decision will be FINAL.

10.       I will not deliberately break the rules or help any other player break the rules

11.       I will respect the coaches and referees and refrain from addressing them during the game unless I am the Team Captain on the floor and only              then I will address them with respect and courtesy.  I understand that referees make mistakes and I will refrain from criticizing them or using                abusive gestures or language.

12.       I will maintain control of my emotions and avoid use of abusive and profane language, humiliating remarks and/or gestures.  I will never threaten            nor use physical violence.  Such behavior will not be tolerated and will result in loss of privileges with Team Ichiban Basketball Team.

13.      I will respect the coaches and players of the opposing team and demonstrate appropriate gestures of good sportsmanship by being HUMBLE in           victory and GRACIOUS in defeat

14.      I will respect the property of others, including the gymnasium in which I am a guest.  Following practices/games, I will collect all my belongings           and leave the gym promptly and in the condition in which I found it.

  • If I violate rule 1 or 2 while away at a tournament, I will be sent home immediately and my PARENTS OR GUARDIAN WILL BE NOTIFIED.
  • If I violate rule 3, I will not be allowed to participate in practice or tournaments until I have achieved a passing grade in all classes.


I have read and understand all RULES written above and agree to accept any and all punishment given for violating rules:

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