Parents/Guardian Contract

Ichiban Basketball Club Parents/Guardian Contract

1.     I realize that children are very aware of and often imitate the type of behavior I exhibit.  As the parent/guardian of a Team Ichiban Basketball Player.  I will set a positive example for my child while at games and practices.

2.     I will try to learn the rules of the game, and I will trust that the coaches and referees know the rules and not question their judgment.  I will respect the referees, and refrain from addressing them during the game.  I fully understand that abuse of referees at any time can result in loss of my participation privileges with Team Ichiban Basketball program.

3.     I will cheer for my team and offer only positive encouragement.  I will never criticize the opposing team or its coaches.

4.     I will maintain control of my emotions, avoiding the use of abusive and profane language, humiliating remarks and/or gestures, and threats or use of physical violence.  I fully understand that such behavior will not be tolerated by Team Ichiban Basketball Program and can result in permanent loss of participation privileges for my child.

5.     I will respect the coaches and players of the opposing team and demonstrate appropriate gestures of good sportsmanship at the end of the game by being humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

6.     I will respect the property of others, including the gymnasium in which I am a guest.  Following practices/games, I will collect all my belongings and leave the gym promptly and in the condition, which I found it.

7.     I will maintain control of children whom I bring with me to the gym, and not allow them to be beyond my direct supervision.

8.     I will be responsible for other guests I bring with me and be sure that they understand and abide by this code of conduct.

9.     I will refrain from coaching my child or other players during games and practices unless I am one of the official coaches of the team.

10.   I will never ridicule or yell at my child or other participants for making a mistake or losing a competition.


I also agree that if I fail to abide by the aforementioned rules and guidelines, I will be subject to disciplinary action that could include, but is not limited to the following:

•                  Verbal warning by official, head coach, and/or president of Team Ichiban Basketball Program.

•                  Written warning

•                  Parental game suspension with written documentation of incident kept on file by Team Ichiban Basketball program of person/persons involved.

•                  Game forfeit through the official or coach

•                  Parental season suspension                                           

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