Medical Release Form

Medical/Liability Release Form


I hereby authorize the staff of the Gene Watts Basketball Camp or Episcopal High School to act for me, according to their best judgment, in any emergency requiring medical attention, and hereby waive and release the instructors and its teachers/directors or anyone associated with the Gene Watts Basketball Camp or Episcopal High School from any liability for any injuries or illnesses incurred while at any camp functions.

I have no knowledge of any medical problem or physical impairment that would be affected by participation.  The Gene Watts Basketball Camp staff, Episcopal High School/or the nearest medical facility is hereby authorized to render primary care.

Assumption of Risk/Release from Liability

It is further understood that Gene Watts Basketball Camp nor Episcopal High School does not provide medical insurance covering injuries of any nature incurred at any Gene Watts Basketball Camp function.  The undersigned hereby releases Gene Watts Basketball Camp, Episcopal High School, its successors, assigns, officers, agents, and employees, from any and all claims, demands, and causes of action whatsoever in any way growing out of or resulting from participation in Gene Watts Basketball Camp functions.


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Participant’s Signature:_________________________________________


Participant’s Parents/Guardian’s