Ichiban Club Sponsors

Thomas Binzer MD

907 Eureka St. Ste 100 Weatherford, TX. 76086

Office number:  817-598-8200

Coach Watts:  "I have dealt with a lot of doctors during my career as a player, coach and now as a parent.  Dr. Binzer is the best Orthopedic that I have ever met!.  My family and I live in Katy, TX. and when my son hurt his hand last year, my son and I made the 4 1/2 drive to Weatherford to see Dr. Binzer for advise.  When my daughter complained about her knee bothering her, it was already clear who she would make the trip to seek help.  When any player in our program has been injured or they are having problems with certain injuries, Dr. Binzer will always be who I recommend players in our program to visit!  My I and my family trust Dr. Binzer that much!" 

Cooper Street Dental

Dr. Fatima Kamara is a "General Dentist" for adults and kids.  Fatima is a graduate from Darthmouth University and earned her Degree in Dentistry from Baylor College of Dentistry.  Fatima is also a former player for Team Ichiban (99-03) that laid the foundation for the Ichiban program.

Business Phone:  682-323-7095     Location:  6204 S. Cooper St. Arlington, TX. 76001