About Us

Team Ichiban Basketball Club is a Christian based organization that teaches fundamental skills development.  Our goal is to provide an organized basketball program for all players who desire to become better players at the game of basketball.  We help to provide the tools needed for players to make their junior high, high school, and college levels of basketball teams.  We strive to provide our teams with high-quality, experienced coaches.  Team Ichiban boys and girls basketball program is operated by Gene Watts, who has over 20 years of experience in coaching and running select basketball programs.  Team Ichiban is open to boys and girls from 3rd Grade to 12th Grade.  Team Ichiban boys and girls basketball program forms teams that participate in select and showcase tournaments, gives clinics, and runs skill sessions and development programs to help the athlete aspire to the reach their maximum potential.  We will take the word "development" and turn it into something special where not only will we teach your kid the fundamentals for basketball but we will go one step further, we will help teach your kid life lessons that will lead toward character development for your kid not only during basketball games but off the court in "life"!