2018 Fall/Winter Team Player Enrollment Steps

Step 1:  Complete and turn in "Player Information Sheet"

Step 2:  Complete and turn in signed "Player Rules Sheet"

Step 3:  Complete and turn in signed "Parent Rules Sheet"

Step 4:  Complete and turn in signed "Medical & Liability Release Forms"

Step 5:  Pay tryout Fee "CLICK HERE"


1. How many days a week does a team practice? 

Teams have two practices a week and we also offer training classes on other days of the week in some areas.  Most practices are 1 1/2 to 2 hours long. Most practices are between 6 pm and 9 pm during the week. The location of practices depends on the area that most of the kids live that are on that team. 


2. How far does a team travel to play? 

In select basketball, this normally depends on the quality of the team that they are placed to play.  Most teams travel in Texas and we try to keep players playing close to home when we can.  We are supporters of Watts Athletic Events so we follow those events when we can.


3. Is my child allowed to play on other teams? 

We do not mind if a player plays on a league team provided by their school. Your school basketball should always come first but Team Ichiban takes priority on all other events. 


4. When does the season start and end?  

Our spring & Summer season begins in March and ends the first week of August for most teams.  Our high school teams normally finish in the month of July.


5. What is the total cost to play on a Team Ichiban team? 

The total cost to play on a Team Ichiban team is $750 a year on the low end and $1400 a year on the high end (this does not include travel). It depends on which team your child is placed. The higher the level of play the more the cost. 


6. Is there any financial aid in the Team Ichiban program? 

There is very little financial aid, but we do fundraisers to help offset the cost. If you are in need of financial aid please call Gene Watts at 817-372-8021

Thank you for your interest in participating in our 2017 Team Ichiban Basketball program. Please refer to down bar under this heading for spring and summer team participation program options.