The mission of Team Ichiban Basketball Club is to produce and develop outstanding student-athletes who demonstrate our core values of Christian, sportsmanship, hard work and excellence both individually and in a team environment.  This is manifested through our “3D” philosophy – DEDICATION, DETERMINATION & DISCIPLINE.


Team Ichiban Basketball Club: Is a fundamental skills development club like no other.  As a club we concentrate on dedication, fundamentals, development and hard work!  Most clubs today concentrate on exposure; we forget the society of basketball new ways and come back into an “old school” mode of discipline. We will take the word “development” and turn it into something special where not only will we teach you the fundamental skills for your basketball development, but we will go one step further, we will teach you life lessons that will lead toward character development for your “off the court” life.  


Athleticism can make you a competitive player, but being fundamentally sound will make you a complete player. It is important to evaluate your skill level and determine what goal you want to achieve as a player. Since everyone's goals are different, our team coaches are trained to give each player the individual attention needed to improve their basketball ability and take their game to the next skill level. 

Practices focus on identifying weaknesses and developing strategies and drills.  Each practice will focus on punishing weaknesses while strengthening existing abilities in order to meet individual goals. Practices are intense and the athlete is pushed hard to accomplish their goal of improving their skill level. 

Ichiban Organizational Values

♦ Strive to make decisions based on what is best for the athletes.

♦ Train young athletes to excel at higher levels of competition.

♦ Integrate coaching strategies and techniques so players can take what they have learned and apply
it throughout their basketball careers.

♦ Sustain a coaching philosophy throughout the club based on Positive Reinforcement, Encouragement,
and Motivation.

♦ Provide year-round training programs.

♦ Limit the number of teams we carry, so they do not exceed the number of quality coaches we have.

♦ Advise and mentor our athletes in order to timely and effectively market themselves to college basketball programs.

"You don't always win your battles, but it's good to know you fought."    -    Marjorie Holmes
"He who limps is still walking."    -    Stanislaw J. Lec
"Only the guy who isn't rowing has time to rock the boat."   -    Saunders
"Intelligence plus character - that is the true goal of education."    -    Martin Luther King Jr.
"The biggest mistake coaches make is taking borderline cases and trying to save them.  I'm not talking about grades, I'm talking about character.  I want to know before a boy enrolls about his home life, and what his parents want him to be."   Discover!  -    Paul "Bear" Bryant